What makes us special?

Professionally from the beginning


Business practitioners with expert and managerial experience gained for over 20 years in international markets.

20 years of experience in conducting language courses and business training.

More than 100 000 hours conducted courses, and the counter continues to beat.

Teachers with experience
in international business and various fields..

The highest quality of teaching and tailor-made courses. Work through goals that guarantees quick results.

Jak pracujemy – poznajcie nasze metody

Practical experience

Most of our trainers have corporate background, they are business experts, working in an international environment. This gives you a guarantee of combining practical knowledge of English with living language that you can confidently use at work, in organizations, in business.

On the other hand, you can enrich your professional knowledge by meeting in a group of experts, talking to trainers focused on sharing their extensive experience and specific knowledge.

Moreover we work with English Trainers with lots of years of experience in teaching and practical knowledge of business processes, specialized in adults’ education. We work with natives who support you in expanding your vocabulary used abroad day to day , in slang, in companies; they guide you in improving the correct pronunciation.


Specialized courses are always based on own presentations and materials. You also gain a lot of useful knowledge from us in the format of self-study.

Each course includes presentations with descriptions of processes, usual vocab as well as a list of words with definitions and examples of using. Our courses that prepares you for instance: for conducting trainings, presentations or coaching sessions, additionally contain ready-made scenarios that enable "copy and paste" content in presenting the contract, agenda and purpose of the presentation, or clarifying what the wheel of life is, when client asks.

General, individual courses are full of original presentations, articles, podcasts, exercises to enable effective work during meetings, tailored to the client's needs. At the same time we give students the opportunity to work at their own pace to consolidate the learned content.

Working method

Each of our trainers has their own, tested and developed and adapted way of working. We are aware that our clients value our experience as well as the energy and way of working. This is why we decided to cooperate with trainers of different working methods, so that each of our clients can choose someone suitable for them.

We know how important it is to adapt the way of classes to a specific participant, to know their personality, temperament, way of learning and pace of work, which is why we always choose the most effective learning method. To make it possible, on the first meeting, we analyse needs, the way of learning and remembering, in order to know how to work with the client.

We work on the basis of a competence matrix, prepared by trainer who assess the level of English at the start After a certain period of time, trainer perform the level analysis again to see what progress you are making. Level assessment is based on the best possible method called: multidimensional conversation. We do not use tests because they do not provide reliable information about language skills.

One of the tools we use to ensure the effectiveness of the courses is the Management by Objectives method, which allows us to define and achieve specific, ambitious, but of course achievable goals. Objectives are defined through student’s competence assessment and matched to those skills that require the most attention. From class to class, we verify progress, based on specific assessment criteria thanks to which clients can see their achievements tangibly.

We apply a variety of tools tailored to the type of course and the client's needs. We use among others:


  • practical exercises and simulations, including samples of presentations or coaching sessions
  • moderated group discussions, brainstorming
  • working in small groups, exercises in pairs
  • tests, quizzes, exercises, e-mail samples - enabling the most effective use of time, hence exercises requiring more concentration and time performed between meetings
  • interesting multimedia presentations, movies, podcasts
  • case studies (from business and life practice)
  • mini lectures within the expert knowledge
  • feedback